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DPL program is designed for elite female players
in the Middlesex County and South Shore Area

We are so excited to announce the Select is emerging into Middlesex County! South Shore Select is known nationally for their player development and talent over the past several years and are excited to help bring your experience closer to home!

We are a program that emphasizes player development both on and off the field with our competitive training/game environment, mindfulness training off the field, teamwork, and sports recovery/strength and conditioning to help mentally and physically prepare our female athletes for the next level of competition. 

South Shore Select and Select Middlesex will be playing league games against top local competition in the Development Players Leauge (DPL) Northeast Conference. Our younger age groups of 2007/2008 will have the ability to play a 10 month season with the 2006-2002/2003 age groups getting started after their high school season. 

SELECT DPL (Middlesex)
Leo Mejia

Lauren Ciccone-Jenkins
Head Coach: Dexter Southfield

The Development Player League (DPL) is designed to expand the Girls Academy (GA) player pool for participating clubs. The league creates a highly professional training environment and competitive model for aspiring GA players, bridging the gap between club soccer and Girls Academy soccer.

The DPL provides a clear pathway for players who show the potential to make the jump to the GA level of play. The DPL teams will offer players who excel to have the opportunity to be called up as a Girls Academy for their respective GA teams. This structure provides an expanded pool of aspiring GA players with more exposure to the GA training model and level of play, while allowing them the time they need to develop as well as offering the flexibility to play high school soccer.

The DPL provides a development structure that focuses on playing more meaningful games with highly professional game day environment, more training, high level coaching, development before winning attitude, and great exposure in major college showcases events.


SELECT has tremendous relationships with college coaches both locally and across the country at the Division 1, 2 and 3 levels. Consistent exposure to college coaches through both DPL league play and participation in top local, regional, and national showcase events. Sports performance and off-field Mental/Mindfulness training to help prepare our players for the next level.