Mr. Lima with his grandchildren Kimmy & Ivy.

South Shore Select is a year-round soccer school, which emphasizes a competitive and positive environment for young girls. We are a family run organization with a mission to develop strong and confident females. Select teaches our players lessons from the game that transcend far beyond the soccer field. Come join our wonderful community and family!

Our primary goal is to develop players in a challenging and enjoyable environment. We hope that each player can take their love of the game with them and always strive to reach their greatest potential. Select is proud of all its players, many of whom have achieved academic and playing excellence professionally and collegiately.

Our players have gone on to shine in their town programs, high school teams, Olympic Development Teams (ODP), Regional Level teams, and on our US Youth National Teams. Several of our players currently participate in US Soccer National Training Centers and US Club Soccer Training Programs. In addition, Select alumni have played at top colleges such as Harvard University, Syracuse University, Boston College, and Northeastern. Our teams have competed at the National Championships the past two years, and our teams have had great success at major events and tournaments across the United States.

Club Owner – Liz Lima


Liz Lima has dedicated her life to the game of soccer. She began playing at the age of 4 and continued through her college career at Harvard. Since then, Liz transformed her love for playing the game into a love for coaching the game. She began coaching for South Shore Select at the age of 24 and has continued coaching to this day. Not only has Liz taken over as owner of the club for the past seven years, but she also coaches seven teams and has taken on the role as Director of the Advanced Placement Program of the club. As a club owner and program leader, Liz manages all the coaches in the program, organizes club events, clinics, camps, etc and is the focal point of the club’s growing success.. “The market that I am in is a very male dominated industry and I hope I am an example for my daughter and all of our girls that women can be tough and strong and successful despite the odds being stacked against us. I hope to teach them that ‘fighting like a girl’ means being fierce and strong and bold and beautiful.” This is the mission that Liz lives by and instills in each player in her club.

On a more personal level, Liz married Driton Mustafaski in 2012. Liz and Driton met in Italy when Liz was running Kick it Abroad (a soccer traveling agency) in 2010 and Driton was playing professional futsol. After dating long distance for two years while Liz returned home to take on her responsibilities at Select, Driton moved to Hingham, Massachusetts to be and coach with Liz. Together, they are a dream team on and off the field. They have over 100 girls on their teams at Select who they would do anything for. They also have a beautiful daughter, Ivy.

Liz is an outstanding role model for her daughter and every member of the club. She is a strong believer that through the sport of soccer, girls can and will gain confidence, outstanding work ethic, and most importantly, the ability to stand up for oneself. Liz’s mission is “ (to) develop strong and confident women through sport. I want every girl to know that their self worth is in their own hands and how they feel about themselves is far more important than how others think of them.” – Liz Lima.  Liz works hard every day to coach these young women to be the best soccer players they can be as well as the best version of themselves. “Women should empower other women. That is what we all can do, empower each other and respect each other.” – Liz Lima

The Select girls welcome Mr. & Mrs. Mustafoski!