Competitive female players that are looking to stay ahead of the competition are invited to register for our 1-Day Attacking and Finishing clinic led by our Senior Director of Coaching, Alison Foley. The 1-hour clinic will run this Friday, February 15th. This is a great opportunity to learn how to attack from various positions and finish with improved form, speed, and power.

Alison Foley is the Senior Director of Coaching at South Shore Select and helps players and families with all aspects of the college planning process. She is the former head coach of Boston College, where she holds the school record for most wins.

Cost: $25 All In Membership — $40 Standard or Select Plus Membership — $60 Non Select Players

2007 & Younger4:00 - 5:00pm
2006 & 20055:00 - 6:00pm
2004 & Older6:00 - 7:00pm