birthdaywishesWe are excited to share with you the launch of our philanthropic partnership with Birthday Wishes of Boston. As you know, the mission of Select is to develop strong and confident females by teaching them lessons from the game that transcend far beyond the soccer field. We believe that looking outside yourself to help others is a big part of developing just that kind of young woman, and to that end we have partnered with Project Birthday Wishes to support THEIR mission while enriching OURS.

Project Birthday Wishes provides birthday parties for homeless children. They believe that all children, regardless of their living situation, should celebrate their birthdays joyfully! The impact of something as small as a party can be profound: the children are seen, they are appreciated, and they are celebrated! Who doesn’t want that?!

How does it work?

PBW provides, among other services, birthday-in-a-box kits to children in shelters or other transient settings. Each box has all them makings of a party… from decorations to paper goods, cake mixes to party girts… all one would need for a fabulous birthday party!

How do we help?

As a Club, we will gather the supplies to create 50 birthdays in a box! Each age group will be assigned certain items to be brought to and stored at the Sports Center. We will have a club wide Assembly Day Party where all the girls can gather to fill, check and wrap the boxes for delivery to the PBW office.

How does my daughter gather her items?

Get creative! She can make a flyer for the neighbors asking for a pack of plates or jar of frosting; she could stand outside a market with a teammate and set up a donation table; she could bring the idea to her school, her extended family, or simply earn the money to purchase the items herself! Whatever works best for your family. Have fun with it.